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Blood stains

You breathe and you let go
You think and sustain another blow
You grow bitter with each passing hour
Still climb your lonely tower
You tell yourself you are good
You convince your mind that they, not you, were rude
And just like that slowly but for sure
You, piece by piece, turn sour
You see a reflection these days
Not knowing if she stayed
The old you who once laughed free
And was clean even beyond the eyes could see
Now you are tainted
Now you are black
You can see it
Hoping others don’t look back
No one to show your wounds to
No one to feel your pain
You keep climbing the lonely tower
Hiding your own blood stains


In the wake of pin drop silence
The mesmerizing purring of the zipper
The whisper of the dress sliding off the shoulder
The sharp gasp upon the first kiss
The rustle of fingers gliding over bare skin
The melody of muffled breaths intertwined
And the caramel of seduction dripped with every lick
That’s what makes a summer night’s story

I want to see you

I want to see you











Out of control







I want to see you all at once.

It’s been awhile

I know you see me
I know it hurts
Our aching distance
Your desire that bursts
Your eyes calling
Your hands cuffed and sprawling
That heaving chest
Urging you to taste my rest
I smile, wicked
Licking lips crooked
Fingers run wild
Over sweating skin burning mild
A tease, you called me once
I won’t give you a fleeting chance
This night you are a spectator just
Watch me make love to me… You must
Dipping close a taste of your breath
Enough for me to hear you seethe
As the ache in you grows
In the music my lust shows
A minute more, before I break
Let you free to taste my wake
I’ll move to the rhythm this night Echoes in
Give you the glimpse of every inch of me that’s glimmering
And as the tempo come to its rest
You see the key peeking over supple breasts
That smile of wicked slips on your lip
You know my ache for your every sip

Black Diary

Web+Diary+imageI’ve felt it for days

a pinch in my heart that stays.

a speck of darkness which grows

under the sun it even glows!

An unknown feeling of loss

a loosing battle of toss…

heads, i lay with monsters in my dreams

Tails, echoes of my muffled screams

the sheets are dripping with sleepless nights

endless debates and pointless fights

looking for answers and finding none

Questions aren’t many but just one

If all that’s in me is left untouched,

will i remain myself as much

A fight with destiny and her stars

It’s not the right time, they say, playing with Saturn and mars.

Lost on the streets of my palm lines

Fading away with tarot lies

The same text i scribble in daily

calling out to my Dear Black Dairy

Aching hard, I am fate’s bait

Running in circles, trying to change my fate

Should you ever meet her on the cross roads

Tell her i wait on the checkered board.

Under the string lights




In the dim light of the string lights

Under the cold winter night

Within the soft folds of the blanket

Over the waves of her ecstasy

Running wild with the thought of that smile

Right before the thrust of that kiss

Catching every fleeting breath

Escaping the rims of the scarlet bites

Caught between his hold and a dark place

Refusing to let go of her insanity

Rummaging through endless counts of deepest of kisses

With leftovers of her taste

Oh how fine her soul looked

Dripping down his lips

Oceans of her wait

Trickling under his call

The tides of her screaming moans

Pulling at his shores

Breaking through every wall in him

Drying him of every thirst……over and over and over again


She was

She was madness filled in tinted bottles

Fragrance locked in a bracelet

Petals captured between the pages of tragedy

A lost song entangled upon his papercut fingers

A taste of sweetness that never touched his lips

She was the shatter of silent raindrops

A siren call of eclipsing moons

Wrinkles on a bed still dreaming

Dripping ink from a parched notebook

She was his dream, dressed as her own nightmare


Ive craved the decadence of tipsy words

Of whispered tales upon sensitive skin

Of goosebumps raised from static touch

Of melting sighs on caramel poems

Of confessions among breaking rains

Of old world charms in new age frames

Of fragrant romances from old hollywood

Of electric sex from erotic books

Ive craved for your name melting in mine

Of golden moons sold by the dime

Ive craved for you from god knows when

A thirst unquenched till we meet again

Glass doll

Keep those hands on my cool skin

Let it warm up and burn under your heat 

Hold me tight against your chest

Capturing every escaping beat

Weave in your fingers into my scalp

And trace my neck with salty kisses

I cant hold on anymore i need help

Shatter me into pieces, only a glass doll

Let me scatter upon this night 

Lick the trails of lust , down my chest which rolls

Paint on me any color of your choosing 

Let me taste a piece of you

On the verge of sanity. … im loosing 

The hold i guess which i never had

Untill then

Its Very late

I count the date

Something sinks

A grey within the pinks

Its the day

How do i say

This hour when we first met

Something off it sets

This time that year

When you and i were near

A sense of bliss 

In that first awkward kiss

When i had hopes still

The day which today kills

It happend so very organic

And how it induces panic

Once this day love in me awoke

Today rides upon a cloud of smoke

I see every memory vaporize

Puff after puff, still i recognise 

In scrips and stories i read once

Prove to be myths and fake and so i say hence

It’ll  be good for my soul to turn of the lights

And hide under the blanket till comes the night

When all will be well

In your name my heart wont swell

Till i find my own little place

Where there wont be another haze

Where my horizons shall finally meet

Until my soul comes back and greets