Its Very late

I count the date

Something sinks

A grey within the pinks

Its the day

How do i say

This hour when we first met

Something off it sets

This time that year

When you and i were near

A sense of bliss 

In that first awkward kiss

When i had hopes still

The day which today kills

It happend so very organic

And how it induces panic

Once this day love in me awoke

Today rides upon a cloud of smoke

I see every memory vaporize

Puff after puff, still i recognise 

In scrips and stories i read once

Prove to be myths and fake and so i say hence

It’ll  be good for my soul to turn of the lights

And hide under the blanket till comes the night

When all will be well

In your name my heart wont swell

Till i find my own little place

Where there wont be another haze

Where my horizons shall finally meet

Until my soul comes back and greets