Web+Diary+imageI’ve felt it for days

a pinch in my heart that stays.

a speck of darkness which grows

under the sun it even glows!

An unknown feeling of loss

a loosing battle of toss…

heads, i lay with monsters in my dreams

Tails, echoes of my muffled screams

the sheets are dripping with sleepless nights

endless debates and pointless fights

looking for answers and finding none

Questions aren’t many but just one

If all that’s in me is left untouched,

will i remain myself as much

A fight with destiny and her stars

It’s not the right time, they say, playing with Saturn and mars.

Lost on the streets of my palm lines

Fading away with tarot lies

The same text i scribble in daily

calling out to my Dear Black Dairy

Aching hard, I am fate’s bait

Running in circles, trying to change my fate

Should you ever meet her on the cross roads

Tell her i wait on the checkered board.