“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”

An enigma or a reality, truth or lie herself…. I am all of it

Taller than the average person, I watch the world move from a different perspective… a little higher.

I watch them love, I watch them lust, I watch them fall and I watch them hide it all within.

I am not a diva but I am striking….. I am not the sugar candy pink girl one might hope for..

I am the chick in leather pants and a romantic melody in her heart.

I am a hopeless romantic with an innovative mind. A chocolate dame rather than a vanilla girl.

Gliding through life one heartbeat at a time…….

I write to empty the vessel of my heart which brims with thoughts galore….. both a passion and a need, words are my friends and verses my mates.

Keep up with me for more adventures in the life and time of an errant dame in town.