Category: Guilty Pleasures

Erratic breath leaving her crust
Heaving she leans upon his beating chest
A gentle tug to her mane
Her lips kissing his name
He pulls her up to him
Taking off her blinds to gaze in her eyes in the dim
She saw his storm, his greed
In her he saw the reflection of all his needs
We aren’t done kitten
His voice grumbles, and she was smitten
A greedy kiss devouring her lips
Rough yet gentle, he tasted lust in her sips
With a jerk he withdrew
Stepping back in her full view
A thought, a moment and he was on her again
Touches, pushes and pulls, pouring on her like rain
Gasping she pleaded to be freed
And with those words he unlocked and pulled her to the sheets
Pushed upon the bed
She fell like a silken thread
Shrugging off his shirt he unbuckled those jean
Drinking him all in, she let out a hiss mean
Like what you see love…he smirked
Brimming with desire,like embers she sparked
And then he dropped upon his knees
As if following some lead
Soft kisses and gentle bites
Leading him right to moist heaven between her thighs
Slow and gentle, nothing to compare with
He evoked her songs of passion under the night’s sheath
Fisting with the sheets
Glowing in his heat
Pleading him to never stop
Preparing for the remaining shackles to drop
Enslaved by his lascivious tongue
A different enchanted song she sung
It was time, the fall was near
As she chanted his name, letting go of her fears




His heels clicked the wooden floor
As he came around to see her a bit more
Upon his fingertips he pulled her chin
Gazing at her beaded face, the lace blindfold thin
A gentle kiss, a caressing touch
Slowly his toy glides across, agonizing much
Down her cheeks, along her neck
Between her breasts, kisses each nipple with vibrating pecks
Upon her stomach, a sensual round
Slowly making its way down
The feeling intense, the pleasure grown
She, held captive, bound in aching moans
He was relentless, hungry for more
It was his night of opening all doors
Shivering will andTrembling thighs
He fed his hunger with her sighs
Slowly they grew louder with each ripple
Carnal intents, her desires they tickle
“Dont you let go kitten” an urgent command
On the verge of her break, he withdraws his wand
A raging need for her to release
Wetter than the ocean, more she pleads
But Sir has a few more plans
Before her wish he grants



He was clothed still
Naked all, she was to spill
Her fingers ached for his skin
To Lick his lips, taste everywhere they’ve been
She could swear he knew her want
Smirking at her crave, hearing her unsaid rant
Deprived of valued sight
Shatter soon she might
And there for a moment he stops
Her senses piqued crops
She tries to move
Tries to search his grooves
But he is nowhere
Only his scent that snares
And then the slightest touch
Its not his palm she could vouch
Something hard, something cold
Its a special toy my love… she was told
Tonight I play
Mold this skin of clay
Break you inbetween my hands
Crumble every wall that stands
Tonight ill build my muse anew
Rip away all that stops you
A sharp tug smashing her on his stone hard length
Growling promises to reach the zenith
Every inch every skin tantalized with pure lust
All she wanted him to do was turn her to dust


I watch breathless
As the clouds rub against the delicate sky
A dark seductive tease
Mirrors are we, you and I?
You drape over my body playing an unknown tune
Your lips, your tongue, your breath, gliding without haste
Skin against skin, flint turning fumes
Every inch covered, every skin tasted
Drifting slow towards the oasis of my desire
Taking your fill off me
Disappearing into the depths, awaking the fire
Spilling from within gasps of ecstasy

Rising and falling with the drift of the winds
A relentless force coaxing me to let go

Clutched in the jaws of lust breaking from within
Falling prey to your calling, hard but slow
Fluttering eyes watch the sky and you
Arched back, growling with a hedonic release
Glistening with liquid lust, dripping with my dew
Hungry eyes gaze at me enjoying your view
Collapsing unto me, shuddering like thunder
Emptying your soul into my blood
Trembling arms holding tight, fragile body now asunder
Taming the storm, capturing the flood
I watch breathless
As the clouds make love to the sky
Bursting and pouring, the heavens confess
Mirrors we are, You and I

I See Fire
Burning, Engulfing, All Consuming
In Him, In Me, All Around
I See Fire
Bursting With Each Touch
Sending Sparks Flying In The Air
I Wonder If We Will Start A Wild Fire
I See Fire
Cleansing Us, Washing Away What  Hurts…Stings
Embers In His Fingers, Scarring The Skin Underneath
Leaving Behind Marks Of Its Passing
I See Fire
In His Eyes, That Bore Through My Soul
Every Time, At Every Gaze
In All True Nakedness, Not Just Of The Body But The Soul
What Does He See In Me, I Don’t Know
I See Fire
Coursing Through My Veins
Lapping Its Flames, Spinning Out Of Control
The Longing Unbearable, The Rush Incomparable
I See Fire
Hollowing Our Souls
Emptying Us, Filling Us Anew
I See Fire
Tonight, Is The Night You Shall Burn
And So Shall I, Fall To Dust
I See Fire
So Let Us Raise Our Wine 
To This Night And To The Morning Which Awaits
For When Tomorrow Comes
You Shall Re-Born Again And I Shall Come To Life One More Time
I See Fire
Fire In This Night




Well i was listening to it  (^_^)


Let me sink into you
Dig my teeth and mark you
The need to pull me harsh is strong
Your bruising hands know nothing wrong
Your timber is stone yet heaven
I am high up and flying, baby that’s a given
Make it count, and go for the win
Set yourself free and let me taste the sin



On a blistering summer afternoon

I long for the days of swoon

When you and I and the misty breeze

Entwined into each other, casting a freeze

When you swayed within and I moved

Your tongue explored and my core grooved

A tune so sinister and forbidden it seemed

And into your every move I leaned

The body aches for your slightest stroke

Thighs shiver and the body quivers when you cross the threshold

Your moans and your grunts are my undoing

Release my soul and unleash the wet dew which has long been stewing

Bypass the flesh and surpass the bone

Rip through the worldly boundaries and reach for my spirit alone

The sands of time have been flowing for ages

For you my heart has been waiting, to color its pages

With your musky ink

And for you to join with me through an eternal link

And in the melancholy I am drowning

Missing your touch and you in my surrounding

And I can’t help but wonder on a blistering summer afternoon

How I long for the days of swoon


Morning air filled with moans… a heady start


It rippled through her… the pleasure.
Like silent river gearing up for tidal waves
Smashing on her shores violently… eroding the rocks of her core with an intensity which cant be moulded with words
Only the musical noises which erupted from within them filled the air.. like molten lava…. burning… glowing. .. flowing
The air ripe with longing, need, ache
His wand working magic, emitting pure need and desire like stardust glittering in the night sky
Faning the orb of ecstacy building at her core… growing,
bigger, brighter, searing with each blow, each thrust, each swirl
How long will it be till the dams break and the release washes away every pain, every tear and every wound
Washes away every moon spent wothout him and every sun which woke her not by his side
How long now…..

Watch me burn


The drowning sun dropping the last of its glow
Takes me back to a day which I didnt let go
Ur hands snaking my waist and time creeped slow
Love showered upon like delicate snow
I breath you
Need you raw
Give you myself
Wash away all my flaw
Shatter the wall
As the night crawls
Fill me up deep, give me what I yearn
Pull the chord and watch me burn