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Dear stranger

I don’t know your name, so its kind of weird writing a letter to you. Yet I thought of giving it a try. Its been a while now since I have started thinking about you. Many a times I think of you, here next to me, spending time with me…. Other times I think how you would be like, would you be tall or short, dark or pale… Would you like music or movies or coffee….

Then all of a sudden I find myself smiling at the thoughts of you… You holding me… Talking to me… And time just passing away. Me running and you trying to catch me and then suddenly we stop… Gasping, trying to catch our breaths and then it rains suddenly.

I think of you whenever there is a full moon. I like to think that possibly even I cross your mind just the way you do.

Even though you are not here, sometimes the very thought of you helps me through tough times, times where something is about to break in me…. You take my troubles and battles away.

In such times you also take my breath away.
Its past one, and look at me …. All awake writing to you…
Hoping that one day you’ll read this letter and know that you’ve always been there….. Even when me were miles away…. Even when we were just a heartbeat away.

Its becoming harder to stay without you…. The days are getting harder and harder and my thoughts sometimes say that you are not there…. That you will not come….

But I am still holding on…. Still watching those movies where the endings are happy …. Where the love does return… And am still reading the books which end with the long lost hug…

my dear, the day we meet… Ill peep in to your eyes… In the hope to find even a small glimpse of me…
And so do you… You’ll find yourself… In my eyes…

My dearest I don’t know you, nor have I seen you and don’t even know when will I …. Yet I know that I love you…. Truly, deeply, and irrevocably…..

We’ll meet…. Soon … Very soon.
Until then sending you all my love and heart….

Always yours



Those seven days…….

seven days of romance, seven days of caring, seven days of hope , seven days of bliss…………… lucky are those who have a hand to hold, heart to care for and love to receive……. lucky are those who have that someone who is there to love, to care, to laugh and to cry, to hug and to hold, in darkness and in light, in despair and in health……

but for some… these are the seven days of loneliness, the seven days of hope, the seven days of walking alone, the seven days to wish…..

hoping that u were here