Desires are like an old favorite fragrance trapped in a hard glass bottle….. No matter for how long you put it away, sealed….  The fragrance will hit you whenever you let the lid lose.


He was gone…. Vanished into thin air with the love of his life… or so he said. And I collected the shattered remains of me, put them in a pouch and walked along trying to get back to myself the way I was before he stormed into my being..

Time slipped and I walked far ahead of the memories and the longing in my heart simmered, hoping to one day be free from his burden I now carried with me.

 Its been so long, I haven’t heard from him that I cant even place his voice now……but wait… what do I see….

My phone flashes a familiar name today….. oh heart hold on tight, for I know not what to hope when I accept the incoming ring.

A push of a button was all it took for the bottle to break … let alone open…. And I was dragged back to the same world I had been trying to run away from.

He is sad, not his usual self… crying maybe

The love of his life has left him for someone she now loved

He says he is alone…… the same as I, when he walked passed by me

He says he is broken… as am I since he eloped

He says his heart is now numb…. And all I can think of is mine still is.


The brain argues and says all the right things….. it says to move on… to not get tangled, it commands me to not give in

“don’t feel it… don’t show it” it yells…. “ he broke you once and now is at it again”…. Say my friends who saw me break once.

But the damned heart hopes on still…


A touch, a kiss, the longing persists

Its hard, its cruel… but still to me is a jewel

He cut me once and left me bleeding,

I know not why but my heart, stupid.. its still pleading

Come back it says, for I know not more

Without you my life seems empty and my heart is sore


But not anymore, will I listen to this heart of mine

For it rushes in and breaks its spine

And I have to bear the pain and the passion brunt



So no more I say to you… no more will you get to sob. No more will I be the pillar you hold in grief and the stand you let go when the need be.


I might be sad and I might be hurting

But you my friend are a pleasure that will sting

So I say good bye to you now and forever

For I shall love and lust myself and no other


You are the chapter which I have turned and now await the beginning of a better new dawn