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You are the Sting


Desires are like an old favorite fragrance trapped in a hard glass bottle….. No matter for how long you put it away, sealed….  The fragrance will hit you whenever you let the lid lose.


He was gone…. Vanished into thin air with the love of his life… or so he said. And I collected the shattered remains of me, put them in a pouch and walked along trying to get back to myself the way I was before he stormed into my being..

Time slipped and I walked far ahead of the memories and the longing in my heart simmered, hoping to one day be free from his burden I now carried with me.

 Its been so long, I haven’t heard from him that I cant even place his voice now……but wait… what do I see….

My phone flashes a familiar name today….. oh heart hold on tight, for I know not what to hope when I accept the incoming ring.

A push of a button was all it took for the bottle to break … let alone open…. And I was dragged back to the same world I had been trying to run away from.

He is sad, not his usual self… crying maybe

The love of his life has left him for someone she now loved

He says he is alone…… the same as I, when he walked passed by me

He says he is broken… as am I since he eloped

He says his heart is now numb…. And all I can think of is mine still is.


The brain argues and says all the right things….. it says to move on… to not get tangled, it commands me to not give in

“don’t feel it… don’t show it” it yells…. “ he broke you once and now is at it again”…. Say my friends who saw me break once.

But the damned heart hopes on still…


A touch, a kiss, the longing persists

Its hard, its cruel… but still to me is a jewel

He cut me once and left me bleeding,

I know not why but my heart, stupid.. its still pleading

Come back it says, for I know not more

Without you my life seems empty and my heart is sore


But not anymore, will I listen to this heart of mine

For it rushes in and breaks its spine

And I have to bear the pain and the passion brunt



So no more I say to you… no more will you get to sob. No more will I be the pillar you hold in grief and the stand you let go when the need be.


I might be sad and I might be hurting

But you my friend are a pleasure that will sting

So I say good bye to you now and forever

For I shall love and lust myself and no other


You are the chapter which I have turned and now await the beginning of a better new dawn




Lately my brain has posed a million and zillion load of questions to which there are no apparent answers.

So my MBA degree has finally come to its tragic end:- NO PLACEMENT. All the few jobs which my college was able to dish out were weird, unwanted and basically stupid. And hence could not attract me despite a lot of trying from both me and my college.

So now I am left with my CV and a hell of a lot of doors to knock onto for a job.

I had started off as a dreamer. I dreamt of getting placed at a good 5 star hotel as a good human resource executive, flaunting my shiny new uniform and skills to my friends and bosses respectively. Along with it came the entailed hopes of having a small yet cute house of my own and a small car in a few years, some self paid parties and holidays.

But now all these dreams are falling head first and crashing. No matter where I go and which-ever company I approach for a job let alone hospitality industry…. The only answer I am hearing is “drop in your CV in our mail and we’ll get back in touch with you.” And we all know that they never get back in touch.

Companies today are like one night stands, they lure you, seduce you, want you to come to them and when you call, they go, “it’s not you, its me….or… ill call you” on you.

Aahhhh……  this is so frustrating..

These people sure do forget their own job searching days so soon. Let alone empathy or sympathy, these guys lack even the basic skills of courtesy.

How nice it would have been if we could just take a gun along and get a job at gun point…..

Most of the time we have the skills for a job, the capability and the competency but fail due to the high flying noses of these companies and recruiters.

They say they want EXPERIENCED candidates…. Someone please should go and tell them that if they wont give me a job how the hell am I gonna be a freaking “EXPERIENCED candidate”.

I think they just say that to avoid taking an interview and stuff…

Well as far as I am concerned I might just get married….. what worse can I do with my unemployed meaning less life…

What is your opinion….

We need to realize that fairy tales evolve and change based on our current social and political setting. What is normal for one culture (even just a couple hundred years ago) is violent and ugly to another.

Just because Disney made a movie out of it, don’t think one particular version of anything is The Truth. That even goes for the “original versions” mentioned in this article. Many fairy tales are extremely old, and many have multiple origins, or have merged with other stories over time.

If you want to enjoy a fairy tale for enjoyment’s sake, that’s fine. But know that your entertainment may originally have had deeper lessons about life, love, good and evil. A quality story is one that can be enjoyed on multiple levels. Those stories are worth listening to. They’re definitely worth remembering and passing on to those who can learn from them. Don’t bury the classics. Keep them alive.

Sleeping Beauty

In the original sleeping beauty, the lovely princess is put to sleep when she pricks her finger on a spindle. She sleeps for one hundred years when a prince finally arrives, kisses her, and awakens her. They fall in love, marry, and (surprise surprise) live happily ever after. But alas, the original tale is not so sweet (in fact, you have to read this to believe it.) In the original, the young woman is put to sleep because of a prophesy, rather than a curse. And it isn’t the kiss of a prince which wakes her up: the king seeing her asleep, and rather fancying having a bit, rapes her. After nine months she gives birth to two children (while she is still asleep). One of the children sucks her finger which removes the piece of flax which was keeping her asleep. She wakes up to find herself raped and the mother of two kids.Sleeping Beauty’s “baby’s daddy” triumphantly returns and promises to send for her and the kids later, conveniently forgetting to mention that he’s married. When the trio is eventually brought to the palace, his wife tries to kill them all, but is thwarted by the king. In the end, Sleeping Beauty gets to marry the guy who violated her, and they all live happily ever after.

Hansel and Gretel

In the widely known version of Hansel and Gretel, we hear of two little children who become lost in the forest, eventually finding their way to a gingerbread house which belongs to a wicked witch. The children end up enslaved for a time as the witch prepares them for eating. They figure their way out and throw the witch in a fire and escape. In an earlier French version of this tale (called The Lost Children), instead of a witch we have a devil. Now the wicked old devil is tricked by the children (in much the same way as Hansel and Gretel) but he works it out and puts together a sawhorse to put one of the children on to bleed

(that isn’t an error – he really does). The children pretend not to know how to get on the sawhorse so the devil’s wife demonstrates. While she is lying down the kids slash her throat and escape.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

In this heart warming tale, we hear of pretty little goldilocks who finds the house of the three bears. She sneaks inside and eats their food, sits in their chairs, and finally falls asleep on the bed of the littlest bear. When the bears return home they find her asleep – she awakens and escapes out the window in terror. The original tale (which actually only dates to 1837) the bears find Goldilocks and rip her apart and eat her.


In the modern Cinderella fairy tale we have the beautiful Cinderella swept off her feet by the prince and her wicked step sisters marrying two lords – with everyone living happily ever after. The fairy tale has its origins way back in the 1st century BC where Strabo’s heroine was actually called Rhodopis, not Cinderella. The story was very similar to the modern one with the exception of the glass slippers and pumpkin coach.In the oldest versions of the story, the slightly more sinister Cinderella actually kills her first stepmother so her father will marry the housekeeper instead. Guess she wasn’t banking on the housekeeper’s six daughters moving in or that never-ending chore list.But, lurking behind the pretty tale is a more sinister variation by the Grimm brothers: in this version, the nasty step-sisters cut off parts of their own feet in order to fit them into the glass slipper – hoping to fool the prince. The prince is alerted to the trickery by two pigeons who peck out the step sister’s eyes. They end up spending the rest of their lives as blind beggars while Cinderella gets to lounge about in luxury at the prince’s castle.

Snow White

In the tale of snow white that we are all familiar with, the Queen asks a huntsman to kill her and bring her heart back as proof. Instead, the huntsman can’t bring himself to do it and returns with the heart of a boar. Now, fortunately disney hasn’t done too much damage to this tale, but they did leave out one important original element: in the original tale, the Queen actually asks for Snow White’s liver and lungs – which are to be served for dinner that night! Also in the original, Snow White wakes up when she is jostled by the prince’s horse as he carries her back to his castle – not from a magical kiss. What the prince wanted to do with a dead girl’s body I will leave to your imagination. Oh – in the Grimm version, the tale ends with the Queen being forced to dance to death in red hot iron shoes!

Little Red Riding Hood 

This is a story of a little girl wearing a red cloak and hood, walking through the forest to deliver a basket of goodies to her grandmother. She was assigned this task by her mother, who warned her not to stray from the path, no matter how tempting. A wolf is stalking her, and realizing Little Red’s destination, decides to capitalize by eating both Little Red and her grandmother. The wolf meets Little Red in the forest, and convinces her to stray from the path and look around, causing her to waste time while the wolf speeds towards the Grandma’s house. The wolf eats the grandmother, disguises himself in her clothing, and waits patiently in the Grandma’s bed.

Little Red Riding Hood arrives, and then we have the immortal lines beginning with “Oh Grandmother, what big ears you have!” At the final line, the wolf grabs Little Red and eats her.

A new character is then introduced, that of a hunter, who may have been tracking the wolf. The hunter bursts in to the Grandma’s house. Knowing that using his gun may also kill the two trapped ladies, he grabs a pair of scissors and cuts open the wolf’s stomach. A red hood is the first thing to emerge. Little Red Riding hood and her grandmother tumble out. Both are still alive. The wolf is still alive. Then Little Red collects a bunch of heavy rocks, and puts them into the still-open stomach of the wolf. She sews up the stomach. The wolf tries to run, but due to the weight of rocks in its belly, it falls down and dies. After this bloody retribution, the hunter keeps and wears the wolf’s skin, the grandma gets her basket of goodies, and Little Red knows she will never be distracted from the footpath again.

Some versions of the story have a highly sexual overtone between Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. One translation has Little Red strip naked and climb into bed with the wolf. When Little Red remarks on “Grandma’s” powerful arms, the response is “All the better to embrace you, my dear.” At no point does Little Red make a move to escape or fight back this blatant seduction.

The morals of the original Little Red Riding Hood: Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your goals. Heed the wisdom of your parents. If you don’t, you will gain experience, though the process may be painful. A mature, controlled person can be sexually powerful without being threatening.

“Ring a Ring o’ Roses

Ring a Ring o’ Roses” or “Ring Around the Rosie” is a nursery rhyme or folksong and playground singing game. Many have associated the poem with the Great Plague which happened in England in 1665, or with earlier outbreaks of the Black Death in England.  The historical period dates back to the Great Plague of London in 1665 (bubonic plague) or even before when the first outbreak of the Plague hit England in the 1300’s. The symptoms of the plague included a rosy red rash in the shape of a ring on the skin (Ring around the rosy). Pockets and pouches were filled with sweet smelling herbs ( or posies) which were carried due to the belief that the disease was transmitted by bad smells. The term “Ashes Ashes” refers to the cremation of the dead bodies! The death rate was over 60% and the plague was only halted by the Great Fire of London in 1666 which killed the rats which carried the disease which was transmitting via water sources. The English version of “Ring around the rosy” replaces Ashes with (A-tishoo, A-tishoo) as violent sneezing was another symptom of the disease. The line Ashes, Ashes in alternative versions of the rhyme is claimed to refer variously to cremation of the bodies, the burning of victims’ houses, or blackening of their skin,

Ring around the rosy,
A pocket full of posies;
ashes, ashes
we all fall down!

The Little Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe – Yeah, well now I know why she lives in a shoe. It’s because she’s beating her kids to death and she doesn’t want them getting to child services to report her.

Little Lady In A Shoe

Everyone knows the beginning that says, “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.” But it continues that “She gave them some broth without any bread; Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.”

Some versions have her going coffin shopping after said beatings.

So she’s starving them and beating them. Now, if you’re looking to scare your kids into being good maybe this is your nursery rhyme.

funny how our childhood  fantasies were someones gruesome imaginations….


Those seven days…….

seven days of romance, seven days of caring, seven days of hope , seven days of bliss…………… lucky are those who have a hand to hold, heart to care for and love to receive……. lucky are those who have that someone who is there to love, to care, to laugh and to cry, to hug and to hold, in darkness and in light, in despair and in health……

but for some… these are the seven days of loneliness, the seven days of hope, the seven days of walking alone, the seven days to wish…..

hoping that u were here



LONELINESS…………..never really wondered what it is like to be completely lonely. Never really had to…. i always had someone somewhere just there by my side. My friends were always there to hold me, scold me, love me and hug me.

But as the they say nothing is there forever, this peace of mind of mine had to fade away a well.

Its been over two months now, i have no friends, no one to share my feelings with, no shoulder to cry on and no hand to hols or wipe my tears when i cry. Its been two dreadful long months. Ever since i’ve been trying to figure out why, when, how all this happened but my reasoning and logic does not find a shore to rest. What actually happened that night i don’t quite understand myself. A small misunderstanding, a fight and then a silence which refuses to leave my side. Day and night follows me. The calm of my soul has faded away somewhere.

Words fail me and smile ditches me all along. Have you ever felt that u are there screaming at the top of your voice in a room full of known faces yet no one hears you, no one hears you cry out for help, no one recognises u anymore……… its suffocating, choking, and eats up the inside. How i know u ask… well i’ve been in that room for the past 2 months.

When will it end i do not know, will it ever end that also m not sure of…. but i do know one thing that i am growing tired lonesome and hopeless. Don’t know for how long will the hollow soul be able to carry the burden of life on its shoulder…. dont know……

If u meet them someday, somehow, somewhere…tell them i said…… i am still there waiting….hoping….crying…..