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The silent night


She was broken clouds and crescent moon
Dying stars and burning night
Purple bolt and shivering rains

And he was the calm that rested within her

I want this to be


Its the way in which you look
Its the way in which you kiss
The way in which your lips curve around
Puckered over ripe breasts
Its the way your skin melts at the curl of my toes
The way  your body thrusts into my deepest moans
Its the way your grip holds my hair
The way you roar into me
Its the way your fingers dig into my skin
The way your teeth bite intoo sin
I ache for your tongue more than you know
Its the way that i scream under your wicked smile
Its the way ive always wanted it to be

Not even a stitch


The cool breeze from the night
Gently crept in from the windows, out of sight
Series of kisses up her spine
Licking her shoulder. … it tasted wine
Ruffling up her hair on its way
It pulled the curtains a little away
The night peeped in …. stopping at the sight
Clothes scattered away….. she lay naked tonight
Only sleep she wore and the moonlight cream
Thoroughly tended by him in her dreams
They know what she sees
Dancing upon his fingers breaking his seams
So the moon and stars grabbed their pillows
And watched smirking … as in her sleep she glows

The sapphire dress


One foot first then the other
Long limbs in satin
Encircled by the cloth that shall rise
Kissing her feet, shin & over her thighs
Wrapped taut around her waist
It slithers over her supple skin
Fresh from lavender steam
Gleaming of a bath still
Over her soft bosoms next
The sapphire dress crawls and clings
Hardened nipples flush against the cool of blue
A hint of reminder of your fingers and you
Over each shoulder one kiss at a time
Ready for the night her body sublime
Sheathed in raw scent of you and rose
Biting the bold, no panties she chose
Slipping on those stilettos that you love
Painting her smirk in a familiar mauve
She knows yet is unknown
What the night holds and what you would loan
She turns and then stops
One last look at her arse, one little tuck of her locks
And finally she walks with roaring clicks
Her mirror …. his eyes, sin his lip licks

Like a tempest
They crashed
Shattered splinters of golden souls
Now scattered over sandy shores
Each grain sings against eager ears
The roare of innocent lust



Slowly with a silent move
Your lips traced the descent
From behind my ears
Down my neck
Till the base of my patience
And now my sighs are edging over my lips
Knowing not how to stop my fall

If not


If its not
Roaring with passion
I dont want it at all


Melted  under the dim moonlight
Cascading into ripples of stardust
Ive turned into just a silhouette
Awaiting restless beneath silken sheets
For  rogue fingers to find me once again


Its the color the stars sing in
Its the color the night rings in
Its the color his smile runs in
Its the color petunias are done in
Its the color her flesh turns in
Its the colour his kisses burn in
Its the color of that flowing dress in
Which she danced and undressed in
Its the color you painted morn in
Its the color of the pages torn in
Its the color her eyes dip in
Its the color she drinks from your lips. .. sin

I wanted to tell you….


I wanted to tell you

Once…. Not today… but once

Wanted to let it all out

Come off my seams … undone for you

Put away the walls for once

I wanted to let you trace me

Neath rough fingers, let you read what made me

Behind the shadow of the blue moon,

I wanted you to see the real me, hidden for centuries

Once I wanted you to know what broke me

Chipped my soul away

In the gaps between kisses

In the breaths between hushes

I wanted to write my story for your eyes only

A song which once flowed through the nib of my quill

The stars ached to hum while you slept in my dream

On every curve of me

On every inch of me

There once was a trail of hunt

One which I wanted you to follow with mad vengeance

That night I craved to taste your abandon

That insanity which stirred within my soul too

But something in your eyes was amiss

Something in the air said you were perhaps not the one

So I inked on parchment once again

Swallowing the words which wanted to crawl off my lips

Once more I stepped back

Once more you did not see

Once more a tear fell

Once more you were busy elsewhere

Once I wanted to tell you my all

But… one more time…you were not the once