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Ive craved the decadence of tipsy words

Of whispered tales upon sensitive skin

Of goosebumps raised from static touch

Of melting sighs on caramel poems

Of confessions among breaking rains

Of old world charms in new age frames

Of fragrant romances from old hollywood

Of electric sex from erotic books

Ive craved for your name melting in mine

Of shattering moons sold by the dime

Ive craved for you from god knows when

A thirst unquenched till we meet again




On a blistering summer afternoon

I long for the days of swoon

When you and I and the misty breeze

Entwined into each other, casting a freeze

When you swayed within and I moved

Your tongue explored and my core grooved

A tune so sinister and forbidden it seemed

And into your every move I leaned

The body aches for your slightest stroke

Thighs shiver and the body quivers when you cross the threshold

Your moans and your grunts are my undoing

Release my soul and unleash the wet dew which has long been stewing

Bypass the flesh and surpass the bone

Rip through the worldly boundaries and reach for my spirit alone

The sands of time have been flowing for ages

For you my heart has been waiting, to color its pages

With your musky ink

And for you to join with me through an eternal link

And in the melancholy I am drowning

Missing your touch and you in my surrounding

And I can’t help but wonder on a blistering summer afternoon

How I long for the days of swoon