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Ive craved the decadence of tipsy words

Of whispered tales upon sensitive skin

Of goosebumps raised from static touch

Of melting sighs on caramel poems

Of confessions among breaking rains

Of old world charms in new age frames

Of fragrant romances from old hollywood

Of electric sex from erotic books

Ive craved for your name melting in mine

Of shattering moons sold by the dime

Ive craved for you from god knows when

A thirst unquenched till we meet again


10 sec pleasure…

It’s more than just breathing… its intoxicating.

You’re like a drug to me. I fight the desire, and it keeps coming back,

That i am a captive, and only you can set me free.


How can this be wrong, if it feels so right.

You are my vice, guilty pleasure, my favorite sin.

I find heaven, if there i such a place, when you are next to me. 

i am in hell when we are apart.

You are what i need…. to breath.


The ocean is raging
Waving high and crashing
Fury overflows
Desolation follows
I am caught in the midst.. 
Surrounded in this tempest
tears flow and agony grows
Wanting & craving & needing land
Even a tiny morsel of love seems grand

My arms are extend calling you
My eyes searching for that misty dew
Which would once again quench this thirst
Rescue me and give me rebirth
Save me from me, bring me back from this purgatory
Pull me out and breath in love, In this dying cage of my soul dove
I’ve been searching, searching all my life long
For salvation, your temptation

Pulling me back every time, it seems dark,

Every time death plays its bleeding harp
Logic says you are just a myth
A beautiful fragment of my lunatic imagination
But what do I do with this beating heart which is stuck in this situation…

And it’s you… only you it need to set it free

Your touch your breath your love’ ecstasy


 i agree not one of my readable ideas… but this is how my brain feels at the moment……. feeling and sharing 

Heavens pour.



The heavens have opened up their gates and the sky is showering upon us all its glory

The droplets fall like diamonds on the naked body of the earth, sliding down tantalizing everything at its awake.

The earth blossoms with the fragrance of love and takes in the soothing pleasures.

The scorched grounds drink in the love of the blue

We lie on the grass, entangled with each other……holding on as close as never before

I am a mirror…. Mirror of the earth… breathing you, tasting you, loving you and being loved

The pearls of perspiration trickle along with the droplets shed on us by the heavens up above…

It’s a riot inside of me…how do I tell you

Its warm, its cold, a chill and a tremor, a flood of emotions and an earthquake of thoughts,

I am spent, lost, heavy and high, wanting, needing, lusting, pleading for you, craving, taking, consuming and embracing this love of yours

You are deep….deeper into my soul… penetrating through all the torment, the tears and the fears….quenching my thirst which I never knew existed….

Kissing away all the pain, all the gloom, every hurt and every dreadful scar

You are hungry too…. You are needy too…. Your hands write a desperate tale on my bare skin, asking me to give in to you

Your soft lips coax me, provoke me, entice me and excite me….. you hold me as if to let go would mean to unleash dear life from the cage of your body.

Your eyes are scorching, your fragrance a potent drug… intoxicated I follow the commands of your touch.

All drenched, all consumed, all spent yet insatiable our bodies dance to the tune of I know not what music…

You are all around me, inside me and I never want to let go, never want you to stop…..

So feel me, take me, love me and lust for me…. Enslave me, worship me, spank me, caress me, drop on your knees and make love to me under this pouring sky and let the heavens and the earth know that we too are as much in love as they are….




A soft and sensual music is filling the air. A deep voice crooning away calling his lady love…. making love with the tunes..impregnating the air with a longing desire

Every beat resembles her heart thumping away…. every high and every low of the melody echoes in the heaves of her chest.

Like a serpent he makes his way down exploring every inch of her….. tasting her at the nook of her neck, over the valley of her tender breasts, along her shallow stomach…. etching a pattern unknown with his deft tongue.  Withstanding her moans of this sweet agony, he pushes further into her…breaking every barrier.

Time stops as he marks her sweet spot and unlocks the storm within.


Its going to be a long night….

Breaking Dawn

It was nearing dawn…. The night was chilly and slowly slipping away.

The breeze sweeping around, playing with her hair. The candle flame dancing to the tunes of the drunken night.

He glides across the bed, with a smooth ease…. A sip of his JD on the rocks and a smirk on the lips shadowing,… he is enjoying his view.

She cant see him, only the subtle noises he leaves behind, for her to fish…..

Almost nearing combustion in her own flames of desire, she writhes but stops abruptly….

The restraints jolt her with a soft but pressing bite… suddenly she is made aware of, again that she cant move more than his want… her limbs lie flat on the satin covers tied down to each of the bed posts…. Leaving her open, vulnerable and waiting… drenched in her need for his touch she bites her lip to stop a budding moan.

After what seemed like an eternity, she felt the dip of the mattress and smelled the fragrance she was now bathing in…. it was him..

It was time again for the adventure to begin…. And he sealed the deal with the soft press of his cool lips on her skin…



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Its dark… the world is engulfed in the depths of the night, cradling in the bosoms of sleep.

I am caged, consumed in you, immersed in the intoxicating fragrance of you…. My favorite personal drug I cant seem to get enough of. You are asleep, drifting away in the lands of dreams, who knows what you are seeing…… Me?….. I cant help but be bewitched by the sight of you. Nuzzled in the cavity of my shoulder, your warm breath falls on my chest, like molten chocolate. Your arms ensued around my waist like the serpent of ecstasy…. Your body wrapped against mine like my own shadow.

Even when your guards are down and the worldly mask of steel has fallen, you do not fail to take my breath away….

I am drawn toward your lips, which glow as the soft petals of rose after the rain have drenched them with their love.

Drawing the outline of your lips with the tips of my fingers… I try to get the gentlest of touches without you knowing about the moments I am trying to steal away. I can see it, almost feel ..those soft lips planting seeds of lust and longing, where ever they touch my body. The things they do to me, the places you take me with you, and the times when you take me over the edge again and again, sends chills down my spine, making me quiver at the delicious and sinful thoughts.  Leaving your mark everywhere you touch…searing with every move. Longing for your touch, my body yearns to have you inside…deep into my very soul.

You are unaware of the many thoughts which pass through me in the moments when the moonlight kisses your delicate face like silk in this velvety night. I can see the highs and dips of your beautiful face I know so well. I trace my fingers along just to paint a picture in my mind, for I wish for my dreams to be as colorful and alive as my reality is now, with you by my side.

Entwined in you I am falling, hard, again and again…. And I don’t know, if you see it in my eyes… the insatiable thirst I have for you. I am like the dry earth which craves for the rains to cover it in itself and quench its thirst.

I let my thoughts drift me away…. To a place where I shall meet you, away from this world into one of our own…. Where you are mine and I am yours….all yours…. Irrevocably… unconditionally…. Forever!!!