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Ive craved the decadence of tipsy words

Of whispered tales upon sensitive skin

Of goosebumps raised from static touch

Of melting sighs on caramel poems

Of confessions among breaking rains

Of old world charms in new age frames

Of fragrant romances from old hollywood

Of electric sex from erotic books

Ive craved for your name melting in mine

Of shattering moons sold by the dime

Ive craved for you from god knows when

A thirst unquenched till we meet again




A soft and sensual music is filling the air. A deep voice crooning away calling his lady love…. making love with the tunes..impregnating the air with a longing desire

Every beat resembles her heart thumping away…. every high and every low of the melody echoes in the heaves of her chest.

Like a serpent he makes his way down exploring every inch of her….. tasting her at the nook of her neck, over the valley of her tender breasts, along her shallow stomach…. etching a pattern unknown with his deft tongue.  Withstanding her moans of this sweet agony, he pushes further into her…breaking every barrier.

Time stops as he marks her sweet spot and unlocks the storm within.


Its going to be a long night….